Dispatcher Center

Dispatcher Center

Main features
  • Continuous VoIP-solution for multiline systems.
  • System architecture is based on a centralized server model.
  • All hardware components are standard IT components.
  • Integration in existing communication infrastructure using SIP protocol.
  • Comprehensive features, significant more than the SIP standard.
  • User are connected to the centralized MLC via LAN
  • User could be connected to more than one MLC.
  • System administration will be carried out with System Manager.
  • Identical user interface as HiPath Trading
  • Integration of various applications into the Wpert user interface, e.g CTI-/ web applications
  • Realization of VoIP strategy for multiline systems.
  • Integration in existing data center concepts/ processes.
  • Only investments in standard hardware.
  • No specific gateway needed for integration.
  • Features meet traders and dispatchers requirements.
  • Double connectivity to enhance redundancy.
  • Increased resilience.
  • Lost connectivity doesn’t cause system manager down time.
  • User training isn’t necessary.
  • Simplify use at the same workplace.
Dispatcher Center
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